Tai Chi 24 Forms

Check out this great video by our Instructor Vicky practicing Tai Chi 24 Forms whilst on Retreat in Thailand 2016.

Daoyin 12 Step Qigong

Check out this great video of our Instructor Vicky demonstrating the shorter, faster Competition version of this Health Qigong system whilst teaching in Poland 2016.

Taiji Kung Fu Fan 52 Forms

Check out this great video of our Instructor Vicky's Gold medal winning performance at the London Competition of Traditional Taijiquan in 2014.

Tai Chi Essentials

Check out these great Tai Chi videos.  This one was taken whilst on retreat in Thailand as a reminder for students to practice in between classes & visualize the relaxing Tai Chi Images.  Simply follow along with Vicky & remember to work in your own comfort zone!

Forever Friends @ London Empire Theatre

On 24th October 2017, Team Chi Clinic members Vicky, James & Tom, together with Master Faye Yip & a Group of Deyin Taijiquan Institute Instructors & students performed on stage at the London Empire Theatre as part of a Variety performance to celebrate 45 years of friendship between the UK & China.  It was great to experience the training & the show.

10th Anniversary - Master Faye's Cheam Seminars

Master Faye's Cheam Tai Chi & Qigong Seminars are a popular date in our Calendar.  Each year in September we are treated to a Masterclass Weekend of Inspiration & Practice.  Enthusiasts travel from far & wide to join us.