New & Beginners Classes on Tues & Weds Evenings! Qigong Workshops on Saturday's!

Weekly Tai Chi & Qigong Classes plus Calendar

Tues Daytime Classes



Tai Chi & Qigong Classes for Over 55's with Vicky are held at 

Longmead Social Centre, Sefton Road, Epsom, KT19 9HG.

Health Qigong - Yi Jin Jing & 

Tai Chi Qigong 18 Forms

10 am til 11 am

(Full - Waiting List)


Tai Chi Essentials & 24 Forms

11.15 am til 12.15

(Full - Waiting List)

Cost £5 per person with very reasonable Longmead Centre membership.  

Or £10 per person for Non-Members.

Please contact us to enquire which will be the most suitable class for you.

Evenings Tues/Weds/Thurs



Tai Chi Classes (24 Forms) & 

Qigong Classes at 7.15 til 8.30 pm

for Beginners & Improvers

plus Fan/Sword/Qigong Stick 

for Improvers at 8.30 til 9.30 pm 

with Vicky at Cheam Priory Centre, 

316 Malden Road, Cheam, SM3 8EP.  


Tai Chi Classes (24 Forms) & 

Fitness Exercises at 7 til 8.30 pm plus 

Sword for Improvers at 8.30 til 9 pm 

with Tony at The Chi Clinic,

98 Church Hill Road, Cheam, SM3 8LJ. 


Chi-Do Chi Kung (Qigong Classes) & Meditations at 7.30 til 9.30 pm 

with Tony at The Chi Clinic

98 Church Hill Road, Cheam SM3 8LJ.  

All Evening classes cost £10 

per person per session 

(or £80 for 10 weeks 

if paid in advance).

Beginners are always welcome!

Weds Daytime Classes



Tai Chi & Qigong Classes with Vicky 

at The Chi Clinic, 98 Church Hill Road, Cheam, SM3 8LJ.

Tai Chi 24 Forms & Qigong

10 til 11.15 am.


Tai Chi Qigong 18 Forms (Shibashi)

11.30 am til 12.45.

Cost £10 per session 

(or £80 for 10 weeks if paid in advance).

A great place to start for Beginners or simply for Qi development & enjoyment!

Please contact us to enquire which will be the most suitable class for you.

Thurs Daytime Classes



Health Qigong & Tai Chi Classes 

with Vicky at The Chi Clinic, 

98 Church Hill Road, Cheam SM3 8LJ.  

Cost £10.

Health Qigong - Yi Jin Jing

for Beginners/Improvers

at 9.15 til 10.30 am.


Tai Chi & Qigong for Improvers (by Invitation)

(Various Forms & Styles)

Shibashi, Yi Jin Jing, Daoyin 12 Steps, Beijing 10 Step Tai Chi, Xing Yi Zhuang Gong

Standing Pole Qigong

at 11 am til 12.30.

Please email or phone for further information or see our Classes Calendar below.

Saturday Workshops


Vicky holds regular Saturday Workshops teaching from Beginner to Instructor level, simply for enjoyment, wellbeing, self development or as a challenge.  So, why not join our team working towards an annual Competition which is a great incentive to practice, therefore realise health benefits.

Monthly Half Day Workshops

Booking is essential please!

Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Step Health Preservation Exercise (Qigong)

Usually 2nd/3rd Sat each month

at The Chi Clinic

Taiji Kung Fu Fan Workshops 


Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang or Health Preservation Stick Exercises (Qigong)


1st Saturday in each month 

at Cheam Priory Centre.

Look out for 

Six Healing Sounds Qigong

Five Elements Seasonal Qigong 

& Ba Duan Jin or 8 Treasures / Brocade!

Vicky also holds regular 

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture Groups

on Saturdays after the Qigong Workshops as an opportunity for students & friends to enjoy a relaxing, energy balancing treatment in a comfortable, peaceful space at an affordable price.  Cost £10 per person.  Must book first!



Private & Corporate Tuition


It is sometimes more beneficial to have private tuition for self development & a deeper more personal learning than in a class or simply if your time is precious or you are unable to get to regular sessions.

We have a program of beneficial training for those in the Corporate Sector for Staff Training, AGM's & Wellbeing Days. 

Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

We have helped the following Companies & Groups with their Wellness Objectives

Ergonomic Solutions, Epsom

Dove Spa, Epsom Racecourse Event

Unilever HQ, Leatherhead

Pacific Life, Bagshot Event

Women's Institute - Morden

Women's Institute - Kingswood

Sparklers Club (Marks & Spencer)

West Ewell Ladies Group

The Studio ADHD Centre

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

Sutton Housing Society Partnership

Viridian Housing

Kites Club, Epsom

Giddings Design

Academia Tai Chi, Poznan, Poland

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council

Nescot College, Epsom

Cheam Priory Day Centre

Longmead Social Day Centre

O2 at Twickenham Stadium

Shalford Tai Chi Group

Global Action Plan

Weekly Classes Calendar

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